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About Us

The ruby red of Sicilian wine par excellence, Nero D’Avola (cultivated also in the areas of Pachino and Noto), is one of the guiding colours of our restaurant. Here at our place you will find a familiar atmosphere, in classic Sicilian style, that is warmed by both soft lighting and the aroma of seafood dishes. Seafood and fish are, in fact, the ingredients that flavour most of our dishes – letting you taste the incredible food of Taormina and of the largest Italian island, Sicily. So come and pay us a visit at our Osteria Nero D’Avola! You will find us surrounded by a “muro a secco” (a drywall that embodies quintessential Sicilian architecture) and traditional trattoria decor. We look forward to serving you food that is gourmet on the outside, but profoundly Sicilian on the inside!


Piazza San Domenico, 2B
98038, Taormina (ME), Italia


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